Vestards Simkus

This unusually spatial sound is something truly unique. Even though I have heard all sorts of surprising soundscapes in concert halls and studios around the world, I had not experienced anything like this before. When listening to symphonic music that I had heard hundreds of times before, suddenly I heard it all afresh, thanks to such a level of sound quality that almost makes you “see” where and how close the orchestra musicians are sitting – and they seemed to be sitting rather comfortably in the small room where I was listening to these recordings. The sound is not only crystal clear and rich in nuances, but also powerful and broad without ever becoming too piercing or pushing. By contrast, listening to popular music removes any sense of artificial sound reinforcement so characteristic of the genre, and leaves an illusion that the singers and band are performing right here beside me and for me only. This sound quality evokes totally new sensations that I would sincerely recommend to every music lover.