Our philosophy

We love music. And when we say music, we do not mean just sound because the sound is just a means to enjoy music. Music is all the emotions that make us feel, enjoy, laugh and cry. But no music can exist without sound, and sound allows you to enjoy the elusive world of music.  Just listen to your surroundings – in the nature there is no sound that you want to analyse. Be it a birdsong or a sound of a racing car – we perceive it as something self-evident! And that is exactly what we strive to accomplish with our products. We want to bring you a sound that can get your mind off your worries and make you indulge in your senses.

We keep pace with the time and technological progress, and what seems simple may not always be such. We believe that the clue lies in the smallest details and perseverance, and we know that only properly designed products can provide a real musical enjoyment. Therefore, we try with relentless enthusiasm to put a small portion of our love for sound in each product, so that a strong and all-embracing wave of sensation is turned into MUSIC!

For Latvians, love of singing and music stems from the childhood and a very young age, we have a special relationship with sound. Therefore, we can proudly say that this is a tiny part of sound of Latvia that we wish to bring to the world!