A: Component quality. We use high quality components in each series. Sound dispersion, phase curve and spatiality is maintained. The measurements are similar, but the sound is completely different. With each next one product, it becomes more detailed, dynamic and larger. Our product names characterize details.

A: Thanks to the fact that all the necessary conditions are met in the design and an amplifier with the required power is added to the speaker, all music genres sound great. Especially dynamic music such as rock, symphonic orchestra and vocal music.

A: We do not recommend using lamp amplifiers with our speakers. Their insufficient power, high THD level, low dumping factor and poor bass control contradicts with our speaker construction, sound perception and the meaning of excellent sound.

A: The required amplifier power is largely determined by the speakers and the crossover. We try to get a better sound and the solution is simple – power. We recommend usage of amplifiers at least with a power of 250w 4 ohms. You will be surprised to hear properly designed speakers power with such amplifiers.

A: Passive radiators are a speaker membrane without a magnet and coil. It moves freely and uses the vibrations generated by the speaker. There are two reasons why we use them. First of all, a passive radiator produces a much lower frequency spectrum than a phase inverter and gives a better sound quality. Second, we need a smaller housing to get good quality and low enough bass.

A: Only speakers with the right measurements give the right sound. But simply a good measurement does not guarantee a good sound, as other important conditions must be met. We try to find a compromise and pay more attention to those parameters that have the most direct impact on the overall sound.

A: Ideally, they should be apart 75-100cm from all walls. Between the speakers we recommend 2.5 m or more. If the distance between the speakers is less than 2 m, then the localization of the instruments will not be so pronounced, but the width of the stage and the spatial effect will be smaller. The speakers should be slightly outward to form a proper stereo base.