Vestards Šimkus

This unusually spatial sound is something truly unique. Even though I have heard all sorts of surprising soundscapes in concert halls and studios around the world, I had not experienced anything like this before. When listening to symphonic music that I had heard hundreds of times before, suddenly I heard it all afresh, thanks to


Kaspars Roga

We have many great examples of Latvian brands achieving success outside Latvia. As a Hi-End sound system, especially given the quality-price ratio, Sound of Eden definitely has this potential too!


Normunds Rutulis

Although I work in music production and consider myself a melomaniac, when listening to music daily, I do not pay enough attention to the sound system, which is playing the music for me. Much like with wine, which I judge by two criteria – good flavors or not, or even plain “like” or “dislike”. Well,


Edmunds V. Zazerskis

Three distinct types of speakers, definite signature sound. And it just blows away! The little enchanting “EVE” series, the massive “ACCUTON” series with studio-monitor-grade detailing and the special VINTAGE series with their genuine sound and punch. In my view, a great trio in perfect harmony.

Sound system engineer at SIA "UBS"

Andris Ūze

After listening to recordings of a variety of genres on theses speakers, I can only say that the Sound of Eden speakers are a top-notch product with an even frequency range. They resemble studio monitors in some regards, because you can clearly hear the nuances of a sound director’s work on them. In the low-frequencies,

Sound engineer

Gundars Kozlovskis

By utilizing their know-how in room acoustics enhancement, carefully selecting each system component and using Latvia-made Sound of Eden acoustic systems, AUDIOMOTIV have managed to achieve reference-level sound in their music room.

Expert at SIA “R&D akustika”