TEMPO is the first stock-produced item of Sound of Eden. It is specially designed for those who wish to enjoy their first top-quality audio system.

Impeccable quality, technically elaborate design and perfect components allow enjoying the sound delivered by premium class products!

The richness of TEMPO sound gives true enjoyment and a sense of presence to connoisseurs of any music genre.

True comfort of sound, excellent bass, high dynamics and vastness of sound will amaze you from the very first minute!

TEMPO has 2.5 bands with phase inverter. The design of the speaker, aligned acoustical centres of speakers and complex engineering ensure maximum coincidence of phases between the speakers in the entire routing range, achieving even and expanded sound without distinctive frequency notches even at wide listening angles.

The natural veneer finish makes TEMPO look like a premium class product. Three available shades allow you to choose the most suitable one for your interior.

TEMPO is a small speaker able to fit perfectly within any interior, and thanks to its powerful sound it can fill up a room up to 30 square meters in size!

Another advantage of these speakers is their affordable price! It will be really hard to find such quality of sound for the price of TEMPO!

Equipped with our 250-watt amplifier and streamer, TEMPO is an excellent choice for a complete home stereo system!

Technical parameters:

System: 2.5 way speaker system
Type: Bass reflex
Drive units : 2×6.5″ midwoofers, 1×1” tweeters
Terminals : Jantzen audio
Components : Mundorf
Cross-over: 250/2000Hz
Frequency response: 40 Hz-30000Hz
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Nominal impendance: 4 Ohm
Power handling: 150W
Dimensions with base (HxWxD): 1130x206x443