Discover and enjoy!

In music terminology TEMPO, or more precisely TEMPO Primo, means a return to the base tempo after an adjustment. And it perfectly describes the very nature of our product! Metaphorically speaking, it is like looking for a new variety of wine. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a seasoned connoisseur, after a search for something new and interesting, the return to the tried and tested Cabernet or classic Chardonnay undoubtedly makes you appreciate the proven values!

Our TEMPO speakers have everything to become your first great musical experience – high quality components, proper design, compact size and affordable price. You can expect pleasant velvety classic sound, great bass, high dynamic range and spaciousness characteristic of high-end products.

The pure sound of TEMPO can bring a genuine enjoyment and a sense of presence for lovers of any genre of music. Our sound system is an embodiment of energy and excitement, and it provides uncompromising quality – even at high volumes. TEMPO is our most compact offering in the sound system family. It was developed specifically for those who want to start building their very first “real” audio-system and want to enjoy much more than the generic sound provided by mass-produced products or the background music in their headphones or Bluetooth speakers.  In our systems, we use high-quality components and technical solutions used in state-of-the-art products.

TEMPO will allow you to re-discover your music collection and to immerse in the amazing world of sound!

TEMPO is a very compact speaker that will fit well even in a tiny room. This speaker has a 2.5-way construction with a phase inverter. Depending on how the low frequencies interact with the room, a phase inverter opening can be closed, thus reducing the effect of bass on the overall sound. Thanks to the specific crossover topology, these speakers can be easily placed in a room without compromising their excellent sound quality!

The body of TEMPO speakers is made of wood veneer to give them a visually stunning appearance of a sophisticated product. The light-coloured finish will fit perfectly in any interior.  Fitted with an amplifier and a streamer, TEMPO speakers will undoubtedly conjure up a whirlpool of musical pleasure!

Tehnical specifcation:
System: 2.5 way speaker system
Type: Bass reflex
Drive units : 2×6.5″ midwoofers, 1×1” tweeters.
Terminals : Jantzen audio
Components : Mundorf
Cross-over: 250/2000Hz
Frequency response: 40Hz-30000Hz
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Nominal impendance: 4 Ohm
Power handling: 150W
Dimensions with base
mm 1130 x 206 x 443
inch 44,5 x 8,1 x 17,45