We bring you love and tears of joy!

A term CRESCENDO literally translates as a gradual increase in loudness. Our product combines sophistication and modest elegance! It has a well-thought-out design and workmanship that allows the music to flow like a river – so calm, but at the same time unstoppable, which at any time can turn into a swirling stream, but its deceptive silence can become a waterfall-like, rich crescendo.

Classic proportions, outstanding body, polished finish and stainless-steel adjustable legs rightly place this model in the family of the high-end category products.

Yes, CRESCENDO sound is that evocative of emotions! Fantastic surround sound where each instrument can be distinguished and localised in the room. A rich timbre allows you to experience your favourite melodies with new emotions. Audio performance will take your breath away at pianissimo and excite you after amazing forte fortissimo!
CRESCENDO is a product for music gourmets who have high requirements for sound and want to experience an outstanding sound quality at a reasonable price! This product will appeal to those who like to swim in the vast ocean of music and to immerse themselves in a deep and seductive sound of a symphony orchestra!

Construction of these three-way speakers is fully consistent with the highest industry standards. In these speakers, the effect of their body on the dispersion of sound has been reduced, time offset adjusted, the amplitude of the standing waves reduced, as well as the progressive passive radiator technology used. The latest crossover technology and thoroughly selected components allow for the best performance of each speaker in its frequency range. It also allows to avoid very low impedance and to maintain the phase curve in a wide wavelength range, resulting in outstanding sound performance.

And it has been of utmost importance to make these speakers exquisite in character and to refine the smallest nuances of sound. Therefore, we can proudly say that this is the sound of Latvia!

Tehnical specifcation:
System: 3 way speaker system
Type: Passive radiators
Drive units : 1×1” tweeters, 1x 6.5″ midrange, 2 x 6,5” woofers,
2 x 5”x8” passive radiators
Components : Mundorf premium parts
Cross-over: 200/2000Hz
Frequency response: 28Hz-30000Hz
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Nominal impendance: 4 Ohm
Power handling: 350W
Dimensions with base
mm 1190 x 225 x 346
inch 46.85 x 8,85 x 13,6