“The sound is not only crystal clear and rich in nuances, but also powerful and broad without ever becoming too piercing or pushing. This sound quality evokes totally new sensations that I would sincerely recommend to every music lover!

Vestards Šimkus

“Nothing about this sound was ethereal, anemic or itchy, and its general profile stuck me as geared for ease of delivery, tangibility and substance, which keep nervousness at bay and will make many casual listeners very happy.

Dawid Grzyb
HiFi Knights.com

“These are undeniably very fast sounding, decaying naturally, fully preserving the pace, rhythm and timing. Crescendo UNO wants to be remembered as honest and transparent to their core and as close to source material as possible.

Sandu Vitalie

“Listening to the Sound of Eden acoustic system, auditory nerves start tingling with pleasure in the first seconds. The sound fills up the space between the speakers, the contours of the instruments seem within reach and touch. The quality of the produced sound is unsurpassed!

Normunds Sne
record producer and engineer, artistic director of Sinfonietta Rīga